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We're a tech firm based in NYC.

AIT International is a fast growing technology company. We are passionate about working with clients that need a dedicated team that can understand the technology and business goals. Our focus is to build beautiful and robust mobile and web applications.


What we do

We work with incredible people and clients to make their ideas become reality and assist with taking the idea to market. We give our clients access to our experience and act as an "advisory" to bounce around ideas and strategies.

  • Web Development
  • eCommerce Development
  • WordPress Development
  • iOS Development
  • Apple Watch Development
  • Android Development
  • Windows Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Marketing


How we do it



Once an idea is brought to the table, we begin to dissect the idea and understand the purpose, market, design and development goals, and come up with effective ways to brand and position the product in order  to make the return on our clients investment result in having the ability to scale and gain major market share.


When creating the look and feel of a product, its very vital you are developing a very clean design that not only looks great but complements the brand and functionality of the product. We begin to understand the objective along with the branding goals and create a unique and custom experiance as the look and feel is directly corrilated witht the success of a product.


Our development team creates each functionality in a clean and effective methodology. When development products the front end look that users see is just as important as how the backend looks. Many times products are developed to look great but when they start to scale the code has a lot of errors and mistakes which result in catastrophic issues especially when the product is scaling. When we build out our apps we build every product “built to last” so when once you start seeing traction and the number of users climbing you are able to efficiently manage that growth without having any major bugs / technical issues. We make our backend just as beautiful as the front end.


We have fortunately done numerous quality deliveries. Once the product is in production and live, we assist with managing growth on the technical side and business side. Our goal is to bridge the gap between non-technical entrepreneurs that are looking for a strong development team that can assist with the advisory and direction of their company, which is what we love to do as its a huge satisfaction to see others come up with an idea and go through the entire process and build a successful company.


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